vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

5 Senses

The day we went to Sea Life started out quite dreary, and in no way we expected to see the sun during the day.
But when we came out of Sea Life, the weather had changed immensely! The sun was shining bright in a spotless sky. The opportunity was too good to let it pass, so for the first time, we went to the beach.
My Beloved sat himself down at a restaurant with the bags and stroller so the kids and I could have fun in the sun. A perfect opportunity to mess with my new Canon EOS 1100D while the kids were muckin' around. I got shot after shot of loveliness, smiles, sun and sand.

Morgan's calling was picking up and examining every shell on that beach. 
Duncan's calling, however, was thwarting that calling by throwing sand around. And still: no fighting! It must have been magic sand.

We reached the water's edge and I had the kids roll up their pants. I messed up with Duncans pants, because by the first wave, he got hit up to his knees! He didn't mind, he giggled a bit and went on collecting seaweed to throw it back into the sea. Why? Because the fish needed it to eat, or so he told me.

Morgan enjoyed the feeling of the water around her toes, the smell of the sea and the sun on her hair. So again, I got shot after shot and they were all perfect. 

It turned out to be a Perfect Day in Every Way.

The hard part came when I wanted to scrap the photos. What paper to use? 
Nothing splashy, but a bit subdued. So I chose Bo Bunny's Et Cetera. 

I chose creme coloured cardstock as background, but added a bit of Tim Holtz' Distress Ink (tea dye) to give it a "sandy" look.

The chipboard letters I rubbed with Distress Ink as well, making them fit the theme. 
I lacked another e and s, but no worry: trace & fussy cut and voila! A complete word.

The sticker with lace around it is from the Weekend Market collection, also by Bo Bunny. Since I didn't have a Noteworthy of the Et Cetera collection, I made one myself by using one of the Winter Joy collection, tracing it and fussy cutting it. 

To enhance the blue in Morgan's clothing, I mounted the photos on blue mats. It got a more "jeansy" look that way.

A dear friend of mine asked me who that teenager in the picture was. I had to admit that our "not so little girl" did look a lot older than she was here, 5.5 years old.
Time really does fly...

Thank you for looking!