woensdag 26 december 2012

Wedding Album

Wow, it sure has been a long time since my last post. But that has a very good reason: I had my first assignment!!!

September 29th, I was about to take Morgan to school. My neighbour came running out her front door, hair in curlers. She asked me if I could take the wedding pictures of her daughter marrying THAT DAY!
Uhm... YES of course I could! Such an honour!
But because I still had Duncan around and had to pick up Morgan after school, I would not be able to attend the ceremony and planned photo shoot with the car afterwards. No problem, our other neighbour would take care of that.

The bride's sister asked me if I could make the album as well.

This is how it turned out.
The bride's wish was that the album be made in pink and white.   

Hurray for Dylusions Ink.
Blue Dylusions Ink to fit the paper to the photo.
Bo Bunny Vicky B for this page.

Loads of Papermania wedding paper for this layout!

Those blooms... Awww and Aaaaargh at the same time.

Papermania and grey cardstock for this page

And the same paper for the right page.

My favourite photo of Deborah. Loved scrapping this page with Bo Bunny and Papermania.

Resist technique for the corners. Loved that!

Felt ribbon to enhance the circle.

More Papermania.

Added the song that played to this page.

The swirl I got out of a Silhouette Cameo, awesome!

The proud parents.

Loved making the text-ladder on the left page.

Got the tree out of a Silhouette Cameo, superb!

Blooms inpsired by Gabrielle Pollacco.

More Papermania

Loved doing the lacing.

Inspired by Gabrielle Pollacco.

More Papermania.

Same layout, but 90 degrees turned.

My favourite page, resist technique and sepia photo.

A quick page I thought... then came the ribbon...

Yes!!! Funny suf

I made the promise to have it done before Christmas, and I did! December 16th was the last day I had the album. When I delivered it, I both felt relieved and empty. Happy that it was done, no more pink ink for a while. But also a feeling of "now what?".
Fortunately I have a "few" photo's of my kids lying around, so no empty hands for me.

Thanks for looking!!!!

maandag 17 september 2012

Apple Cider

Last week I went to our local pumpkin patch, just Morgan and me. In a few weeks there'll be a Hallowe'en party and lots of people will roam around the barn in which the pumpkins are displayed. Figuring I needed peace and quiet, I thought I'd go earlier.

I wanted to do a photo shoot with Morgan, as I already had Bo Bunny's Apple Cider collection in my posession (yesyesyesyes!), so I dressed her in appropriate colours, did her hair all nice and loose and off we went.

The owner remembered us from last year, she liked my idea of doing a photo shoot ahead of time, even though she apologised for not having the barn completely ready yet. She was just harvesting the pumpkins and setting them up nicely everywhere. 

We didn't mind and went right on with our shoot. Morgan cooperated nicely, we got awesome shots.

Els, the owner even loaned us a witch' hat. It didn't fit the colour scheme of Apple Cider, but hey, I switched my camera to "sepia", Morgan cackled a bit and sang "bippety boppety boo" and we got more great shots! 

The letters I made with embossing powder. 
It's still a bit new to me, so I'm still figuring out 
how to work with it. 

The pumpkin on the left is a stamp that I put on 3 different papers. On the lightest pumpkin I also added a text-stamp. Then I cut out some parts of the orange and green pumpkins, added a bit of water colour pencil here and there, and taa-daaa, my own embellishment. The idea I borrowed from the Noteworthy pumpkin that didn't quite fit this page.

We were allowed in Els' front yard where Morgan decided she wanted to dance around a bit. I just love the way Morgans hair flows in the wind. Fortunately, she's not shy about her dancing (yet) and she moved freely, holding a fallen sprig of leaves from some tree or bush. 

This lay out is inspired by a lovely sketch that I found on Bo Bunny's blog. Juliana Michaels designs the most awesome sketches.

This is what I came up with:

 The formerly mentioned Noteworthy pumpkin
did fit this page, though!
These letters have been treated with distress ink, embossing powder, 
and the tiny swirl stamp of Bo Bunny's Apple Cider Clear Stamps.
I love that swirl!

The petals that are part of the collection are quite lovely, but a bit too bright to my taste. So I added the pumpkin Clear Stamp to give the orange and yellow petals a small pattern.


 I gave this pumpkin a layer of crackle paint. 
 All in all, it was great fun to both shoot and scrap the photo's.

Thanks for looking :-)

zondag 9 september 2012

Shhhhh, this is our little secret, ok?

Whew, it's been a while since I posted. Not that I've been sitting on my hands or anything, but school has started again and let me say: it's a tough job this year! 
It'll get better as the year continues, but for now it's very straining. Lots of problems, more kids in a classroom, kids' work ethics below zero. So when I come home, I'm really tired! 

Even though I was very tired, my fingers kept itching, the papers and embellishments were calling. To make it even more difficult to ignore, Bo Bunny put up a card challenge that was too good to pass up on.
My best friend's birthday is this week, so I made a card for her, inspired by the sketch that was given.

And this is what I made of it.

My best friend isn't a girly-girl, but loves pink nonetheless. A good enough reason to pull out my Little Miss collection.
The cut-outs had one shape with the bird cages that I wanted to use. Instead of a paper circle, I used a doily that I sprayed with Dylusions ink first, pink & green. 

The big pink flower I sprayed with Dylusions ink as well, brown this time. I did the same with the felt banner under the flowers. It used to be white, now it's brown. The bird cage on the left top of the flower is stamped on one of the Bo Bunny Little Miss papers and fussy cut.
 I created the green swirls with embossing powders, drawing them with a Versamark pen first. 
A bit of glitter to give it all a sparkle and, taa-daaaaa! It's done!

Now, shhhhhh, don't tell her it's for her. Keep it a secret, ok?

Thanks for looking!

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

5 Senses

The day we went to Sea Life started out quite dreary, and in no way we expected to see the sun during the day.
But when we came out of Sea Life, the weather had changed immensely! The sun was shining bright in a spotless sky. The opportunity was too good to let it pass, so for the first time, we went to the beach.
My Beloved sat himself down at a restaurant with the bags and stroller so the kids and I could have fun in the sun. A perfect opportunity to mess with my new Canon EOS 1100D while the kids were muckin' around. I got shot after shot of loveliness, smiles, sun and sand.

Morgan's calling was picking up and examining every shell on that beach. 
Duncan's calling, however, was thwarting that calling by throwing sand around. And still: no fighting! It must have been magic sand.

We reached the water's edge and I had the kids roll up their pants. I messed up with Duncans pants, because by the first wave, he got hit up to his knees! He didn't mind, he giggled a bit and went on collecting seaweed to throw it back into the sea. Why? Because the fish needed it to eat, or so he told me.

Morgan enjoyed the feeling of the water around her toes, the smell of the sea and the sun on her hair. So again, I got shot after shot and they were all perfect. 

It turned out to be a Perfect Day in Every Way.

The hard part came when I wanted to scrap the photos. What paper to use? 
Nothing splashy, but a bit subdued. So I chose Bo Bunny's Et Cetera. 

I chose creme coloured cardstock as background, but added a bit of Tim Holtz' Distress Ink (tea dye) to give it a "sandy" look.

The chipboard letters I rubbed with Distress Ink as well, making them fit the theme. 
I lacked another e and s, but no worry: trace & fussy cut and voila! A complete word.

The sticker with lace around it is from the Weekend Market collection, also by Bo Bunny. Since I didn't have a Noteworthy of the Et Cetera collection, I made one myself by using one of the Winter Joy collection, tracing it and fussy cutting it. 

To enhance the blue in Morgan's clothing, I mounted the photos on blue mats. It got a more "jeansy" look that way.

A dear friend of mine asked me who that teenager in the picture was. I had to admit that our "not so little girl" did look a lot older than she was here, 5.5 years old.
Time really does fly...

Thank you for looking!