maandag 17 september 2012

Apple Cider

Last week I went to our local pumpkin patch, just Morgan and me. In a few weeks there'll be a Hallowe'en party and lots of people will roam around the barn in which the pumpkins are displayed. Figuring I needed peace and quiet, I thought I'd go earlier.

I wanted to do a photo shoot with Morgan, as I already had Bo Bunny's Apple Cider collection in my posession (yesyesyesyes!), so I dressed her in appropriate colours, did her hair all nice and loose and off we went.

The owner remembered us from last year, she liked my idea of doing a photo shoot ahead of time, even though she apologised for not having the barn completely ready yet. She was just harvesting the pumpkins and setting them up nicely everywhere. 

We didn't mind and went right on with our shoot. Morgan cooperated nicely, we got awesome shots.

Els, the owner even loaned us a witch' hat. It didn't fit the colour scheme of Apple Cider, but hey, I switched my camera to "sepia", Morgan cackled a bit and sang "bippety boppety boo" and we got more great shots! 

The letters I made with embossing powder. 
It's still a bit new to me, so I'm still figuring out 
how to work with it. 

The pumpkin on the left is a stamp that I put on 3 different papers. On the lightest pumpkin I also added a text-stamp. Then I cut out some parts of the orange and green pumpkins, added a bit of water colour pencil here and there, and taa-daaa, my own embellishment. The idea I borrowed from the Noteworthy pumpkin that didn't quite fit this page.

We were allowed in Els' front yard where Morgan decided she wanted to dance around a bit. I just love the way Morgans hair flows in the wind. Fortunately, she's not shy about her dancing (yet) and she moved freely, holding a fallen sprig of leaves from some tree or bush. 

This lay out is inspired by a lovely sketch that I found on Bo Bunny's blog. Juliana Michaels designs the most awesome sketches.

This is what I came up with:

 The formerly mentioned Noteworthy pumpkin
did fit this page, though!
These letters have been treated with distress ink, embossing powder, 
and the tiny swirl stamp of Bo Bunny's Apple Cider Clear Stamps.
I love that swirl!

The petals that are part of the collection are quite lovely, but a bit too bright to my taste. So I added the pumpkin Clear Stamp to give the orange and yellow petals a small pattern.


 I gave this pumpkin a layer of crackle paint. 
 All in all, it was great fun to both shoot and scrap the photo's.

Thanks for looking :-)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een geweldige lay-outs! Je hebt prachtige dingen gemaakt met deze lijn.
    Bedankt ook voor je leuke berichtje op het Bo Bunny blog:) Natuurlijk mag je mijn idee gebruiken voor het trouwalbum!:)

    1. Dank je wel! En wat lief dat je m'n blog bezoekt.

  2. Oh WOW!!!!!! Carin, so glad you got to take pictures of all your Apple Cider layouts!!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I think my favourite is the 'Dance' layout (although it's hard to pick!)...I love the way you layed out your photos and embellished with the twinning vine of blooms! ....thanks so much for your sweet words at the BB blog, you always make my day! Have a great weekend hon! xo