donderdag 19 juli 2012

At the Zoo

When I was young, I heard great stories about the Zoo in Emmen. Unfortunately it was far away from where we lived, so I never visited it. Occasionally I heard things on the news about a new enclosure for an animal and my wish to go there was re-affirmed. A few months ago we heard the Zoo wasn't doing too well financially and might see a closing in the near future. Sad news.

Then we decided to go on a vacation in a cottage near Emmen. Finally, I was going to see that Zoo! 
The vacation was a bit of a trial weatherwise, rainy, dreary. But that one day when it was bright and sunny, we packed up and went to the Zoo. 

It's not large, it can be seen in its entirety in one day, but it is very nice and well taken care of. 

When asked what animal they really wanted to see, Morgan answered: "The elephants!" 
Duncan wanted to see the giraffes, they're his favourite. 

When we came upon the giraffes we were surprised to see no fence, but a deep ditch around the paddock. We walked on a slanting path that led to a bridge and there we saw the head of a giraffe only 6 feet away! Fortunately for the animal, the body was attached :-) It was grazing close enough to touch. 
We placed Duncan in his stroller as close to the giraffe as possible and let him 
enjoy the view.

I used Bo Bunny Zoology for this Lay Out. It was hard to find as it is an older collection. 
But I got my hands on a lot of papers and embellishments.

Notice the writing along the edge? It's the lyrics to "At the Zoo" by Simon & Garfunkel.
I was listening to one of their cd's while I was scrapping this page. 
Their music still inspires me in so many ways.

Aside from the schoolpictures, I've never scrapped a photo this large before.
Oh, I've printed photo's in diverse sizes, but never on photo paper. I'm very happy with this size 
and will use it more often.

Morgan wanted to see the elephants. We were rewarded with a lot of animals nearby, even the enormous bull, Radza, was close. Last year he got pushed into the ditch surrounding the enclosure. He got out, but broke a piece off his right tusk.

It was difficult to see the outline of the elephant hidden in the beautiful paper.
Still, it turned out right, I think.

Oh I loved loved loved this sticker and so wanted to use it! 
The kids have heard me saying this once or twice about their rooms, hihi. 
I used a Noteworthy from another Bo Bunny collection as a mat under the sticker. 
My motto: If I don't have it, I can make it myself. 
It may not be perfect, but it'll be all mine.

 Thank you for looking!

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  1. Wat een leuke layouts, Carin.
    En wat het je dat gaaf gedaan met de tekst van S&G. :)


    Sandra :)

    PS: Er komt een Make & Take van het tasje, binnenkort.