woensdag 11 juli 2012

Edgy Edges

A while ago I saw a tool for scrapbooking. It looked like some sort of file to chisel off calluses of ones foot. Thinking it usable, I bought it. Unfortunately I only used one part of it, the part I understood, the edge distresser.
It's that small part on the right bottom picture, that part I understood.

Then my eyes fell on a workshop in my favourite scrapbook store. The tool would be used and explained. I was soooo going to be there!!!

Saturday June 30th was the Big Day. I packed up my tool kit and expectations for the day. A whole day of messing around with paper, inks, masks, glues and stamps!!! No asking for lemonade, no bickering, no whining about how hungry who is and who's the more hungry. 

The store was an oasis everything was laid out and ready for lift-off, strike that, cut-off. 

It felt like cocooning, I loved it! When I left the store, I had done 2 pages, prepared the rest so I could finish it at home. Jokingly I promised Dana (our workshop leader) I would not finish it the next day.  It came close though! 
And: I now knew what all the parts of the tool could do! Yay!!!

In a few weeks this album will be a gift to my father in law. He's a gem.

 The stamp on the transparent was horrific!!! I had to try 4 times to get it right! The ink didn't hold, the stamp slipped, aaaarhg!!! Being stubborn, I stuck with it, and got a good print at last.

This was a great page to make. Ink the whole page and then stamp over it! 
Huge stamps, love them!
I even found the real admission tickets to the zoo in my wallet. 

 I loved this photo! The edges have been roughened with the iron brush in the tool. 
Scary to attack a photo like that, but also oddly satisfying. 

The clock is made out of a cardboard box, then inked and distressed. 
  I used one part on this page...

...and the other part on this page. 
The frame contains a few lyrics from an old Dutch Song about a granddad.

Using the iron brush on every photo brings balance. Although on every photo there's a chance to mess up and go right through the photo paper.

Duncan having one of his more thoughtful moments. 
This page is my favourite because of the wonderful elephant stamp. 

 The number 6 got a bit lost under the lace, 6 persons.

 I had to chop off a lot from the photo to keep the masking on the background visible. 
 Worked out fine, I think.

2 men zooming around on a tiny bike. It's a guy thing :-)

On the backside I used a Bo Bunny stamp and added the label from the Echo Park papers. 

When I finished the album I thought: well, maybe I can do this after all. Mini-albums, why not?

Thank you for looking!

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