zaterdag 23 juni 2012

A little ray of sunshine.

   It is sad to see those we love wither away. My Beloved has an aunt who lives life with the idea: every day is a gift.  Two years ago she was diagnosed with the silent killer within, an operation followed. She pulled through, but was oh so weak. Against all odds, she is still alive... for now. 

   She invited us to an afternoon on a playground and dinner at their house. Aunt and Uncle have kids, but no grandchildren. Auntie loves little kids and adores ours. So of course we went! The weather was holding, the sun shining, it turned out to be a great afternoon.

   Auntie was there, enjoying the kids, drinking in their laughter. 
Then my mom in law told me that the silent killer is back, this time in her liver. Auntie doesn't want to talk about it, because if she does, it is real. 

   It's not fair. Someone as sweet and loving as she is going away, permanently, we just don't know when. She should have been a grandmother, she would have been great. Instead, she has to make do with ours, the kids from the son of her sister. She enjoys every minute she spends with them.

   Because we can not visit often (she tires easily), I made 2 canvases of our kids. I hope they can be a little ray of sunshine in these tough times to come. May she gaze upon them often.

Morgan in Bo Bunny's Little Miss.

Duncan in Bo Bunny's On the Go.

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