zondag 17 juni 2012

School picture

This was a relatively easy lay-out. The most difficult part being the cutting of the dress and foot of the dancer. Also, the letters "groep 1/2" took a bit of work with the inking and all.

Morgan saw both this lay-out and the "pretty girl" one. She thought they were wonderful! Happy girl with a big smile :D

The pink flowers were off-white, but that didn't go well with the page. So I grabbed my pink ink and ta-daaaa! 

A bit of brown distress ink never hurts. 

The doily has been inked in green and pink. Where would we be without ink?!

A jewel in the flower, because a brad just didn't cut it.
Morgan has had a wonderful teacher this year. The lady really knows her stuff and went along with Morgan's pace. As soon as she found out Morgan knew her letters and numbers, she gave her reading practice. Just one example out of many. 
I can only hope the teachers next year are as good.

Thanks for looking!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Gaaf gedaan, je krijgt een hele nieuwe stijl, leuk. Blij met je letterstans?

    1. Ja! Heel blij. Ik moet er wel voor zorgen dat ik ze er goed doorheen draai, anders kan ik alsnog de letters gaan knippen, heb ik gemerkt, hihi.

      Grappig dat elk soort papier een andere stijl oplevert.

      Dank voor je comment!

  2. Ziet er leuk uit! Bij dezelfde Duncan pagina over twee jaar verwacht ik wel meer kettingzagen en monstertrucks :)